My words appear in the following places:

“self-portrait as a book” in the blog of the Canadian magazine SeaGlass Literary since I am a staff writer there.

“Teucer’s nil desperandum” in issue 6 of nether Quarterly released in May, 2023. Read here

“Calendar” in issue 8 ‘Forget-Me-Not’ of the Canadian magazine SeaGlass Literary released in May, 2023. Read here

Haiku “Flora and Fauna” in the UK based Swim Press‘s blog, published on April 23rd, 2023. There are 6 pieces published together in the blog and mine is the 3rd one. Read here

“Why” in the 9th issue of EKL Review released in April, 2023. Read here

“Distractions”, “Green was the Colour” and “The Sea, Me and Ambivalence” in The Chakkar on 18 Jan. 23. Read here

“The Sunset Story” in the second issue of coalitionworks released in Jan. 23. Read here

“Study of a Land I’ve Never Known” re-published in the second issue of The Shallot: Journal of Mental Health, Art & Literature in Jan. 23. Read here

“She” in the anthology, Scream It At The Back Wall, published by the Canadian publisher, The Soap Box Press.

“The river of spring” in the ‘Poetry in Pamphlets 2022’ of Verse of Silence released on 8th Sept. 2022. They actually published only the top 20 poets from their Poetry in Pamphlets 2022 Contest and I was one of those. Read here

“Knives are Out for the good hearts” in the poetry anthology Make The Days Count (July, 2022) published by Writer’s Pocket. Get the book here

“Souvenir” and “Uncharted Ocean” in the second issue ‘Lived Memories’ of Lived Collective published in June, 22. Read here

“Study of a Land I’ve Never Known” in The Blahcksheep published on 9th May, 22. Read here

“How a Day is Spent” on LiveWire on 20th Apr. 22. Read here

“Boats” on Spill Words on 3rd Jan. 22. Read here

“December Haiku” in The Alipore Post on 21st Dec. 21. Read here

“Down”, “From the Casement” and “A Tale of Two Un-herds” in December 2021 issue ‘Selfie’ of New Reader Magazine. Read here

“Muhammad (P.B.U.H.): An Ode”, “A Sanguine Pearl, a Mountain of Forbearance”, “Children in the Park”, “An Experience of Life” and “Lawlessness” in the belated June 2021 issue of The Punch Magazine. Read here

“A Sombre Night” in the poetry anthology India Without A Mask: The Poetics & Politics Of The Pandemic (Sept. 2021). Read here

“Misreading” in the 23rd issue of INKochi Cultural eMagazine released in Sept. 2021.

Research Paper “Portrayal of Loss of Culture and Identity in Refugee Literature: An Analysis of Alan Gratz’s Refugee” published in one of Mindshare Yuva’s book series Novel Approaches to Contemporary Literature. Read here

“Trod the Unwonted Way” on LiveWire on 4th Apr. 21. Read here

“A Stroll, a Perception” in the poetry anthology Going Off The Grid (Mar. 2020). Buy on Amazon