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A 24 year old passionate poet, navigating through my twenties and writing my heart out. Writing verse since began appreciating its intricacies, its emotions, its compact language and its disrupted syntax. And finally it became a favoured medium of expression. Then playing with the words, festooning them with figures of speech and making it a code to be deciphered, became a hobby. Now I even believe that prose is not my cup of tea!

Welcome to my personal website. An archive of all my accomplishments so far. Do connect with me and check back for regular book reviews posted here by me.

Latest News

1. Books recommended by me for 2023

2. My poetry collection A Leaf upon a Book has been recommended among 7 poetry books by Indian poets that are a must read.

3. I run The Wordsridge Newsletter on Substack since August 2022. A weekly, miniature literary and cultural e-zine filled with poetry, quotes, essays, reviews, opinions, advice, recommendations, opportunities and lots of love!

Book Recommendation for the Month

I Let You Go

Published in 2015, I Let You Go stands as Clare Mackintosh’s debut novel. Clare spent twelve years in the police force which shows clearly in the perspicacity with which she has written her thrillers, paying attention to all the details while also making it lucid and fascinating enough for us to understand the policing system of the U.K. Read the full review here.